The Foundation

Sangob Foundation
152, M.3, T. San Payang, A. Mae Taeng, 50330
Registered under CM 362

 "Preserving Traditions & Ancient Wisdom"

Our mission is to preserve and transmit ancient artistic and cultural knowledge, both locally and internationally. Our projects are educational and contribute to perpetuate endangered customs such as Traditional/Ethnic music, dance, weaving, spiritual ceremonies, natural healing and natural building... We also aim at supporting Artists, Craftsmen, Teachers and Students through our projects, events and workshops, while connecting them with the broader community.

We fear that Materialism and Globalization will lead to a homogenized culture worldwide. Therefore we hope to protect some of our remaining traditions in order to keep this world rich in diversity.

We consider these ancient skills as valuable treasures of humanity worth safeguarding and spreading.

  • We are a non-discriminatory entity which collaborates with people regardless their race, age, status, religion, sexuality or financial background
  • We commit to full and transparent accountability to our donors
  • Almost all money donated to Sangob directly goes towards our projects. A maximum of 20% can be used for administration fees (this includes salaries of our employees)
  • We respect the values, opinions and input of the governmental and non-governmental organisations we are collaborating with, the volunteers who come to learn and/or assist us, our community members, our donors and the members of the broader community
  • We respect the confidentiality of the above-mentioned people and will not release any information that could be used to identify them to unauthorized persons. We handle with sensitivity the use of images and other personal data
  • We recruit a diverse board and ensure that each board member understands, agrees and shares the mission, vision and values of Sangob Foundation