TEAC project

4, Soi Wieng Bua, Chiang Mai
(near Tanin Market - off Chang Phuak road)

This project is located on the grounds of the ancient temple Wat Ku Bia, in the Santitham area, and is a collaboration between the Sangob Foundation and Spirit House restaurant/antiques.

Through Education and Entertainment, Teac project is our attempt to establish sustainable ways of financially supporting our OUTREACH programme while actively contributing to the continuity of our cultural heritage.

Our goal is to promote "traditional music and dance" to the public while supporting local artists, teachers, students and craftsmen through organising our workshops - classes - concerts - ceremonies

Our workshops include 4hours of class per day (10-12am then 01-03pm); vegetarian lunch (12am-01pm) and 1 hour of guided practice/small performance/ceremony (03-04pm).

1 day workshop: 1,200THB/person
2days workshop: 2,000THB/person

Our topics
Introduction to Thai music and dance
1/2 days
Banana leaf project –
Buddhist decorations
1 day
Lanna band – Slor, Sor, Sung
2 days
Thai or Lanna drums
1 day
Sword/Candle/Finger dance
1 day
Hammered Dulcimer
2 days
Pin Pia – lanna string/coconut instrument
1 day
Chinese harp – Guu Chern
1 day
Harmonies from around the world
1/2 days

       1. Introduction to Thai music and dance (1 or 2 days)

- Interactive lecture about the different musical traditions of Thailand
- Get familiar with the different instruments
- Further practice the instrument you feel more connected with
- Learn and practice the subtle aesthetics of Thai dance

       2. Banana leaf project (Buddhist decorations – 1 day)

      Learn how to decorate/fold/weave banana leaves in the traditional Buddhist way

3. Lanna band – “Slor/Sor/Sung” (2 days)

      Learn how to play the Lanna guitar/violin/drum and perform as a band

    4. Thai and/or Lanna drum (1 day)

    Learn to play the Thai drums "Toon & Ramana"


 or the Lanna drum "Khlong Phong"

    5. Thai dance (1 day)

Learn and practice the subtle aesthetics of Thai dance

     Sword dance

    6. Hammered Dulcimer (2 days)

      Learn how to play the Thai dulcimer

    7. Pin Phia (1 day)

A 3000 years old chest-resonated Lanna string instrument that reproduces the effect of a "wha-wha" pedal with a coconut shell


    8. Chinese harp - Guu Chern (1 day)


    9. Harmonies from around the world (1 or 2 days)

Embark on a wild vocal journey exploring different continents and some of their singing traditions!

Private sessions:
Contact us for tailored classes - one-to-one, families or groups. For just an hour or an afternoon, come and experience a fun cultural approach. You won't get this opportunity anywhere else in Thailand!

All our workshops/classes are led by certified teachers and can be taught in Thai, English or French.


These are held once a month, on a Saturday,
with each performance in a different style or group formation. 

The first part showcases the talents of some northern Thailand's best musicians, with explanations about the pieces, the instruments and the cultural context.

We get experimental in the second part with improvisation, which is an exciting rarity in Thai music. More unusual instruments will be featured and some songs will introduce musical influences from other parts of the world. 

After the concert, audience members are welcome to ask the musicians questions or even try out an instrument.